Carpet cleaning prices

What is the cost for carpet cleaning?

carpet cleaning pricesDo you wonder how much does carpet cleaning cost? We are proud to say that our carpet cleaning prices are budget friendly and you are guaranteed to be working with a cleaning crew which is dedicated to providing your rugs with thorough service.

Our company has been providing carpet cleaning services throughout London for a lengthy period of time. This has allowed us to establish a good level of reputation and popularity within the commercial sector and within the cleaning industry. Ensuring that your office carpets are clean and fresh at all times contribute to having a great working environment for your clients and your employees. Since all of us here in our office cleaning company understand the importance of having clean office carpets, we are able to provide comprehensive and premier quality services. In addition to that, our carpet cleaning rates are very affordable.

Having neat and fresh smelling carpets are not only for decorative purposes and added cosiness but it also gives pride to all the employees of the company. Because of this, more productive office employees can be expected. Furthermore, it promotes good health, especially for employees who are suffering from asthma since the accumulation of dust mites in the office carpets are prevented.

All of our professional carpet cleaners have been vetted carefully and trained properly to make sure that they are proficient with the right ways of cleaning your carpets.  Our cleaning crew are capable of cleaning your carpets without disrupting your regular business operations. We only use state of the art equipment and green cleaning products for many excellent results.

  • All carpet cleaning prices exclude VAT
  • Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.
Living Room – may depend on size £30.00
Hallway £15.00
Bedroom – may depend on size £25.00
Kitchen £10.00
Bathroom £10.00
Stairs – per flight £25.00
Rugs – may depend on size £25.00

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Carpet Cleaning Prices

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Stairs – per flight
Lounge – may depend on size
Dining room – may depend on size
Bedroom – may depend on size
Rugs – may depend on size

In addition to this service, we have a wide range of office cleaning services to offer our clients. You can enjoy our floor cleaning, window cleaning, wall cleaning, appliances cleaning, curtain cleaning and upholstery cleaning services.

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