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Curtain and upholstery cleaning service London

Within any commercial or residential property, the proprietor usually possesses different kinds of furniture. These are some of the main components of a great interior design simply because it is complementary and these also affect the look and feel of your premises.

But along with its really great visual aesthetics, it also has a downside. Their upholsteries require good care and this is one task which can be very difficult when carried out by amateurs.  These are usually made of delicate fabrics which are vulnerable to all kinds of stains and cleaning it using the traditional methods would unlikely work.  As we all know, most of these upholsteries are expensive especially if it have been custom made by famous designers. With these in mind, it is only natural for you to look for experts in upholstering cleaning in London to handle this kind of job. Doing so is the right course of action since traditional methods of cleaning upholsteries may only lead to damaging the fabrics and even end up destroying the whole thing. Call us for Curtain and upholstery cleaning service London.

Office Cleaner Ltd offers comprehensive upholstery cleaning throughout all London areas and we guarantee that this will be the finest and most efficient method of keeping your furniture in tip top condition without risking the possibility of it being damaged throughout the entire course of the cleaning.  Furthermore, you do not even have to spend thousands of pounds just get our service. We offer competitive prices which will surely fit within your budget.

We are capable of removing all the dirt and potentially harmful germs which have accumulated in your upholsteries. Some people disregard the need to get these cleaned because they think that these are much cleaner than carpets. However, that isn’t so; upholsteries come in contact with various kinds of dirt and germs which may have been passed from the human body or from pets. These may affect the health of your employees or those who may be using or sitting on your furniture. To avoid all these, it is highly recommended to have it cleaned by professionals.

  • Office Cleaner Ltd offers professional sofa cleaning and the work is done by trained and experienced upholstery cleaners and sofa cleaners.
  • Our tireless work ethic and excellent customer care sets up apart from other cleaning companies and makes us the number one choice.
  • Sofa cleaning London gets rid of visible stains, microscopic pests, pet hairs and other allergy agents.
  • There are two systems: Wet & Dry. Both methods are highly effective:
  • The Wet System (utilizing high pressure steam) is excellent for most standard materials and will clean at the base. We bring in our own industrial equipment.
  • The Dry System is designed to clean far less vigorously utilizing powerful non-moisture foam which dissolves the dirt without damaging delicate fabrics.
  • Thorough upholstery clean will rejuvenate your soft furniture breathing new life into your lounge suites, sofas and armchairs. To increase the longevity we also provide an anti-stain treatment.
  • For your convenience the cleaning process is done within the home and can usually be completed in conjunction with other cleaning activities such as carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and window cleaning and etc.

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