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Rug Cleaning London

For top quality affordable rug cleaning London choose Office Cleaner Ltd: the No 1 cleaning company in North London, South West London, South East London and East London.

It is a common mistake to bracket carpets and rugs together. A carpet is far more functional whereas a rug is more decorative and very often far more delicate.

  • Our cleaning company trains our rug cleaners to use the very latest techniques and equipment. The industry standard is PROCHEM TM and we use their products and equipment to ensure the best possible results.
  • There are two methods of cleaning: Wet & Dry. Both methods are highly effective.
  • The wet system(utilizing high pressure steam) is excellent for most standard materials and will clean at the base.
  • The dry system is designed to clean far less vigorously utilizing powerful non-moisture foam which dissolves the dirt without damaging delicate fabrics.
  • Our rug cleaners in London can have your much-loved rug cleaned and dry within three hours.
  • All our cleaning products pose no threat to children or pets as they are 100% safe for use in the home.

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